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A woman blindfolded, standing on a rooftop surrounded by rubbish.
Factory Complex


KOFFIA 2015 presents

Factory Complex

Unclassified 18+


9 Sep

In January 2014, on the day sewing workers stood up in Cambodia for their rights, a bullet hit the head of a 21-year-old female worker. That was the answer given to those who raised their voices and fought for their rights to be paid for their worth.

Tickets: $12.50 - $16. Member Discounts Available.
  • This searing documentary explores why female workers still have to endure hardship and impoverished lives.

    Low salary, labour exploitation, and the bloody crackdown: words that filled Cheonggyecheon market in 1970s Korea are now hovering over current-day Southeast Asia.

    Awarded the Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale 2015.