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A man looking bug-eyed at a coffin.
A Hard Day


KOFFIA 2015 presents

A Hard Day (Kkeut-kka-ji-gan-da)

Unclassified 18+


5 Sep

Homicide detective Ko Gun-su is having a hard day. His mother has just died, and he and his colleagues are being investigated by the internal affairs department over bribery charges. Then, while on his way to his mother's funeral, he drives recklessly and commits a fatal hit-and-run accident.

Tickets: $12.50 - $16. Member Discounts Available.
  • The detective tries to cover-up the incident by hiding the victim’s corpse in his deceased mother's coffin. Just when he thinks things are all over, Gun-su receives a mysterious call from someone claiming to be the sole witness to the crime. Gun-su is soon blackmailed, and a non-stop, edge-of-the-seat game of cat and mouse ensues.

    Kim Seong-hun’s police thriller premiered at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival and won three Grand Bell Awards (presented by The Motion Pictures Association of Korea), including Best Director.

    "A Hard Day is full of smart surprises and darkly funny lurches." - The Hollywood Reporter