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School children and teachers in traditional clothing in an old classroom.
The Outcast


Presented by The Japan Foundation and ACMI

The Outcast

Unclassified 15+

3 Dec

The Outcast is a haunting film, depicting struggle and injustice in a society still clinging onto its strong traditional class perceptions.

No Longer Available.
  • A brooding portrait of a successful teacher in 20th century rural Japan struggling with a hidden identity throughout his life. Segawa Ushimatsu is a member of the burakumin, or pariah caste, whose ancestors performed tasks deemed ‘unclean’ by Buddhists or ‘lowly’ by the ruling classes.

    He lives a tormented life of secrecy to hide his family history and avoid discrimination, following his late father’s wishes. However, when he learns of another burakumin who has revealed himself in order to plead for his caste, Segawa decides that he must take a stand.

    The Outcast is screened as part of the Japanese Film Festival's Kon Ichikawa Retrospective.