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Two young boys sit in a room crouching looking worried.
at Home


Presented by The Japan Foundation and ACMI

at Home

Unclassified 15+

27 Nov + 30 Nov

The Moriyamas seem like a picture-perfect family, with supportive father Kazuhiko, loving mother Satsuki and their three children, Jun, Atsuka, and Takahashi. However, their family is far from normal: Kazuhiko is a thief and Satsuki is a swindler, and their children are well aware of this.

No Longer Available.
  • All five of them are unrelated by blood but were brought together by curious circumstances. Despite the dangerous nature of the parents’ jobs, they share a strong bond and lead a happy life.

    When a swindling attempt by Satsuki is foiled and she ends up kidnapped by her target, their peace is disturbed.

    Based on the novel At Home by Takayoshi Honda. This is director Hiroshi Chono’s second film, following Mirai sosouzu (2007).