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A woman brandishing a samurai sword ready to strike.
An Actor's Revenge


Presented by The Japan Foundation and ACMI

An Actor’s Revenge


29 Nov

Yukinojo is a kabuki actor famed for his portrayal of onna-gata (female impersonator) roles. While performing with a touring troupe, he encounters the men who drove his parents to suicide and sets into motion a plan of revenge. However, Yukinojo’s resolve is tested when he becomes the object of infatuation of Namiji, the innocent daughter of one of his targets.

No Longer Available.
  • An Actor's Revenge showcases Kon Ichikawa’s broad range of skills as a director, mixing filmmaking styles including comedy, kabuki-style melodrama, and historical epic, together with a soundtrack which incorporates traditional kabuki accompaniment, folk, and modern jazz. Starring Kasuo Hasegawa, a famous kabuki onna-gata, in his 300th film appearance.

    An Actor’s Revenge is screened as part of the Japanese Film Festival's Kon Ichikawa Retrospective.