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A young designer in front of a group of women in traditional dress.


Presented as part of the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2015


Unclassified 15+

30 Aug - 13 Sep

Do you know the name of the person who made your clothes? Filmmaker Jennifer Sharpe assembles an impressive selection of thinkers, retailers and fashion designers to help her uncover the complexities of the modern fashion system and seek a brighter future for the people who make the majority of our clothes.

Tickets: $13 - $17. Member Discounts Available.
  • Sharpe enlists the brilliant Leonardo Bonanni, founder and CEO of Sourcemap, to unravel the amazingly intricate fashion supply chains, with the hope that one day we will know the name of each person who made every piece of well-made clothing.

    We follow Canadian designer Laura Siegel as she travels throughout India, finalising the various fabrics and embellishments from expert craftspeople for her forthcoming show at New York Fashion Week. One of a growing number of designers working directly with producers, she impressed her supervisors  at Parsons the New School for Design, including Dean Simon Collins and Assistant Professor Timo Rissanen, who both see Laura’s radical new approach to design and manufacturing as a vital step towards revolutionising the currently unsustainable fashion system.

    Screens with Anthony Lau’s mini documentary Behind the Prize (21 mins, Australia, 2015).

    Lau follows the five global Woolmark Prize womens wear finalists - VMAJOR (Asia), Strateas. Carlucci (Australia), Bird on a Wire (Middle East), Augustin Teboul (Europe) and M. Patmos (USA) - as they prepare for their final presentation in Beijing. All are hoping to impress the judges, including industry heavyweights Justin O’Shea from, Vogue China’s Editor-in-Chief Angelica Cheung and Victoria Beckham to take home the coveted prize.