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A woman in a fashion house design room surrounded by garments.
#Couture, The New Queens of Haute


Presented as part of the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2015

#Couture, The New Queens of Haute

Unclassified 15+

28 Aug - 11 Sep

France’s Delphine Manivet and Holland’s Iris van Herpen are both on the precipice of fashion greatness. The former creates sublime wedding gowns completely by hand using ancient crafts, while the latter’s best friends are her laser cutter and 3D printer. Their approaches may differ greatly, but their love of craft, innovation and dedication reflects the core values of haute couture.

Tickets: $13 - $17. Member Discounts Available.
  • Delphine Manivet is the perfect example of a traditional couturier, without the official endorsement. In her Paris atelier she and her small team create extraordinary clothing for a select clientele. They create their own unique patterned fabrics and call upon a network of specialised craftsmen and women in and around Paris to supply them with exquisite fabric-covered buttons and revive ancient embroidery techniques that embellish her modern, luxurious designs.

    Iris van Herpen, a protégé of Alexander McQueen, has surrounded herself with people from around the world who possess the inimitable skills required for the creation of her extraordinary works. Swapping organza and lace for latex and silicone, van Herpen has quickly become a favourite of many artists, including Björk. Will either of these designers win over haute couture’s governing body and finally make it to the A grade?

    Screens with Laura Falconer’s striking short film, Flow (3 mins, UK, 2015), a collaboration with Sadler’s Wells’ choreographer Russell Maliphant and featuring a piece from Iris van Herpen’s ‘Biopiracy’ collection. “The fabric of Iris' dress is fascinating, the light dances across it as it moves. Working with Russell and Carys Staton (the dancer) enabled me to showcase this with energetic elegance.” – Laura Falconer