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Woman standing side on with her head down in front of wall.
Red Road


Red Road

R 18+

Eyes Without a Face: Surveillance in Cinema

10 Oct - 25 Oct

Andrea Arnold’s sensual thriller casts a female gaze over the dangerous and seductive act of surveillance. Kate Dickie (Lysa Arryn in Game of Thrones) stars as Jackie, a CCTV camera operator whose daily protective gaze over a Glaswegian housing estate takes a dangerous turn when she spots a mysterious man (Tony Curran) from her past.

Tickets: $13 - $17. Member Discounts Available.
  • Bathed in deep, luscious reds, Red Road takes its female protagonist down a dangerous path of obsession and sexual desire. Without revealing too much, Arnold tracks Jackie’s initial curiosity as she uses the CCTV monitors to follow and trace this man’s movements. Keeping a safe distance at first, Jackie ups the ante, getting closer and closer to the man as her gaze develops into full-blown voyeurism and surveillance.

    Arnold casts a heady and mysterious cinematic spell, aided by Robbie Ryan’s gorgeous cinematography and Kate Dickie’s restrained performance. Initially keeping information to a minimum, her protagonist’s eventual response to the stranger offers up a potent sexual charge, culminating in one of the most effective sex scenes since Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now (1973).