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The Silence


Presented in association with Sydney Film Festival and National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

The Silence (Tystnaden)

R 18+

Seasons & Screenings

14 Jun + 21 Jun

In 1961, Bergman commenced an unofficial trilogy in which he explored man's relationship to God: Through a Glass Darkly, Winter Light and The Silence. Each film is completely self-contained.

In The Silence, the sickly Ester (Ingrid Thulin), her sister Anna (Gunnel Lindblom) and Anna's young son (Jörgen Lindström) are travelling home to Sweden by train through what appears to be a Communist country. They break their journey in a small, sinister town, and stay in a vast, ornate, almost empty hotel.

Tickets: $13 - $17. Member Discounts Available.
  • Many of Bergman's themes are to be found here: the failure to communicate, isolation, an obsession with sex. The film created something of a scandal at the time for its so-called erotic scenes which, while staged in a deliberately unglamorous and unerotic way, were still savagely attacked by the Australian censors.

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