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An amoured knight plays a game of chess against Death
The Seventh Seal


Presented in association with Sydney Film Festival and National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

The Seventh Seal (Det sjunde inseglet)


Seasons & Screenings

12 Jun + 20 Jun

Smiles of a Summer Night brought Bergman international attention, but his next film would make even more of an impact. Inspired by the frescoes on church walls that he observed when his pastor father preached, the film is set in the plague-stricken Middle Ages. A Knight (Max von Sydow in a commanding performance) returns home from the Crusades accompanied by his loyal, practical Squire (Gunnar Björnstrand).

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  • On a gloomy beach the Knight encounters Death (Bengt Ekerot), and challenges him to a game of chess. While the game plays out, the Knight and the Squire travel through a ravaged landscape filled with cruelty, superstition and suffering.

    Parallels to the present day (the shadow of atomic war) are plain to see. The film was later parodied, but its imagery and its unique mood have proved unforgettable.

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