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A group of people dressed in gothic clothing.
The Face


Presented in association with Sydney Film Festival and National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

The Face (Ansiktet)

Unclassified 18+

Seasons & Screenings

13 Jun + 20 Jun

One of Bergman's favourite themes - the duality of the artist - is given commanding treatment in this Gothic tale set in the mid-19th century. Vogler (Max von Sydow), a mesmerist, is travelling with his troupe across Sweden but, at the gates of Stockholm, is refused entry until he has been examined by three officials, one of whom is Vergerus (Gunnar Björnstrand), a doctor. Evoking the aura of both Christ and the Devil, Vogler lures Vergerus into a nightmare of horror.

Tickets: $13 - $17. Member Discounts Available.
  • The work of cinematographer Gunnar Fischer in all the Bergman films up to this time is a major contribution to the eerie look of this powerful, rather creepy, melodrama. In America, the distributor re-titled the film The Magician and Australia followed suit, but The Face is the correct translation of the original Swedish title.

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