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14 Jun + 22 Jun

This remarkable two-hander introduced Norwegian actress Liv Ullmann to Bergman's stock company of actors. She plays Elisabeth Vogler (a descendent of the mesmerist Vogler from The Face?), an actress who dries up during a performance of Electra and falls silent. Taken to recuperate at a summer cottage by the sea, her only companion is her nurse, Alma (Bibi Andersson), who unburdens herself to the famous actress and even begins to identify with her.

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  • I first saw Persona in November 1966 in a Stockholm cinema with the help of the English dialogue list and a torch. The film is something of a summation of Bergman's themes - the validity of art, the duality of the face and the mask, the inadequacy of language. Again the Australian censor interfered (removing much of Alma's soliloquy about her sexual adventure on a beach).

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