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A little girl in a hood talking to a giant werewolf.
Three Brothers


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Three Brothers (Tri bratri)

Unclassified All Ages

20 Sep

Derived from a series of ‛mini-operas’ penned by Zdeněk Svěrák and composer Jaroslav Uhlíř and staged by the National Theatre in Prague, Three Brothers is a delight for audiences of all ages and broke box-office records in Czech cinemas in 2014.

No Longer Available.
  • Like in a fairy tale, all that the father-and-son team of Zdeněk and Jan Svěrák touches seems to turn to gold. Following up from hits like 1991's The Elementary School, 1996 Oscar® winner Kolya and 2010's Kooky, the Svěráks' latest collaboration sees three young men, including pop stars Vojtěch Dyk and Tomáš Klus, set out to see the world. Miraculously, the trio enter certain famous fairy tales, from which they might learn some important life lessons.

    Love, laughter, musical numbers and perilous situations ensue.