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A man holding up an animal dressed in village clothes.
Pictures of the Old World


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Pictures of the Old World (Obrazy starého sveta)

Unclassified 18+

24 Sep

Featuring a collage approach to its soundtrack and a small but tell-tale contribution from Czech Surrealist Jan Švankmajer, the unforgettable Pictures of the Old World is proudly presented by the Czech and Slovak Film Festival in Australia in a digital restoration courtesy of the Slovak Film Institute.

No Longer Available.
  • Voted in 2000 by Slovak critics as the best Slovak film of all time, Dušan Hanák's second feature film is an outstanding documentary that was banned until 1988.

    Inspired by the black-and-white ethnographic photographs of Martin Martinček that document the people of the Liptov region in central and northern Slovakia, the film presents nine weathered old men and women, five of whom had featured in Martinček’s photographs. All are leading hardscrabble, eccentric, lonely lives far removed from the hurly-burly of the modern world.