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Photographer (Fotograf)

Unclassified 18+

18 Sep

In this ribald biopic-cum-cautionary tale, Karel Roden enjoys himself immensely in the role of the unapologetically profligate Jan Saudek, an internationally renowned photographer whose hand-tinted work remains immediately distinctive, and often still controversial, today.

No Longer Available.
  • Amidst occasional flashbacks to past traumatic and formative episodes, this film concerns a particular period in Saudek's life when he took on a protégée, Líba (Máša Málková), only to see her initial submissiveness give way to more sinister personality traits.

    Far from an entirely flattering portrait, Photographer was notably co-written with director Irena Pavlásková by Jan Saudek himself. He even appears briefly in the film, as does latter-day fellow ‛bad boy’ Czech artist David Černý.