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Karel Zeman in a studio filming an animation.
Film Adventurer Karel Zeman


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Film Adventurer Karel Zeman (Filmový dobrodruh Karel Zeman)

Unclassified All Ages

22 Sep

Tomáš Hodan's documentary, which only recently premiered in Karlovy Vary, is a fitting testament to the homespun ingenuity of visionary filmmaker, animator and special effects pioneer Karel Zeman (1910-1989).

No Longer Available.
  • The genius of the “Czech Méliès” is attested to through demonstrations of the trickery behind the effects in Zeman’s films and is further championed by talking heads including Terry Gilliam, Tim Burton and Japanese master animator Kōji Yamamura. The film also includes interviews with Zeman’s daughter and collaborator Ludmila Zeman as well as a range of past cast and crew members.

    Additionally, present-day students of animation from the university in Zlín adopt Zeman's techniques in an attempt to re-create three of his most celebrated trick shots – how will they fare?