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A young boy sits on a chimney with the town in the background below him.


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Children (Deti)

Unclassified 18+

21 Sep

The first fiction feature film from award-winning documentarist Jaroslav Vojtek, Children is a poetic omnibus compiling four stories of strained parent-child relations, each set in a different season.

No Longer Available.
  • In "Son", a man desperately tries to connect with his autistic only child, while in "Marathon" a Romani man on the lam goes to extraordinary lengths to be reunited with his family. "Canary" features a shy, bird-obsessed boy who is tyrannised by a drunkard stepfather and "Dad" concerns a woman, distraught at her partner's betrayal, attempting to attend to her dying father's needs ahead of her own.

    Combining documentary verism in performance, featuring professional and non-professional actors alike and with beautifully composed cinematography, Children is a very moving big-screen experience.