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A close-up of a crudely-animated cat
Bubble Bubble Meows and the Meteor Stomachache


Bubble Bubble Meows and the Meteor Stomachache

Unclassified All Ages

Kids’ Flicks

13 Jun + 14 Jun

A ginger cat called Bubble Bubble Meows receives a surprise visit from a young string bean called Stringbean, along with his marshmallow robot friends, Joey, Joey Jnr and Chompy. After Bubble Bubble Meows tucks in his unexpected guests for the evening, Stringbean goes sleepwalking, and inadvertently swallows a meteor. This is one wacky lo-fi but high-in-laughs animation, sprung from the mad genius mind of Seattle-based animator Matt Orifice.

  • Everyone jumps into Bubble Bubble Meows’ hybrid car (one part car, two parts baked potato) to go to the zoo but when Stringbean’s tummy starts to hurt it’s straight to the hospital to see the doctor.

    However, the World Giggling Tournament is in town and everyone is at the stadium. With no tickets left for Bubble Bubble Meows and his friends to get in, two babies hand him the travel edition of the book First Aid Care for Emergencies When All the Doctors and Nurses are Super Busy. The book suggests a remedy made of watermelon spray, an eyelash from a kitten and chicken-beak butter, so the motley crew take off in search of the three ingredients in the hope Stringbean’s meteor-induced stomachache can be cured!

    While most of the dialogue is in English, there is a secondary story in Japanese (with English subtitles) about a trumpet ‘animalcule’ called Nunzio who makes a home in Bubble Bubble Meow’s ceiling. Young viewers shouldn’t worry however; this is more for the amusement of their adult companions and the animation captures Nunzio’s journey for all to appreciate.

    Made entirely in Microsoft Paint.

    Children's Film Festival Seattle 2015, 8th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2015