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A man with a guitar looking at a woman
Brief Encounters


Presented by the Melbourne Cinémathèque & ACMI

Brief Encounters (Korotkie vstrechi)

Unclassified 18+

Melbourne Cinematheque

17 Jun

Focusing on the woman’s realm, and depicting a love triangle between a provincial bureaucrat (played by director Kira Muratova), a wandering geologist and a country girl trying her luck in the city, this is a documentary-like portrayal of Soviet life highlighting the divide between the urban intelligentsia and the under-privileged peasants.

No Longer Available.
  • Shelved for 20 years by Soviet censors, Muratova’s first directorial feature contains the building blocks of her experimental style including the use of flashbacks, a lack of clear or conventional narrative, montages of still photographs and audio discontinuities.