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A close-up of a rough-looking man with a stunned look on his face
Bad Boy Bubby


Bad Boy Bubby

R 18+

Australian Perspectives

6 Jun - 25 Jul

Nicholas Hope (in his feature film debut) stars in this brutal, controversial and remarkable film from Rolf de Heer (Ten Canoes), one of Australia's truly independent maverick filmmakers. An infantile man, Bubby (Hope), is locked in a basement, tormented and degraded by ‘Mam’ (Claire Benito) for thirty years. When absentee 'Pop' (Ralph Cotterill) returns, circumstances enable the man-child's escape. We follow Bubby's adventures as he is thrust into the surreal new environment of the outside world.

Tickets: $7. Member discounts available.
  • Bad Boy Bubby is a fearless piece of filmmaking, dealing with practically every conceivable taboo: incest, murder, rape, violence and mental illness.

    Underpinned by Hope's outstanding performance, the film won four prizes at the 1994 AFI (now AACTA) Awards including Best Director and Best Original Screenplay for de Heer who had already collected several prizes for the film at the 1993 Venice Film Festival, including the Grand Jury Prize.

    Bad Boy Bubby originally screened at ACMI in 2005 and reappears as part of our 10th anniversary celebration of Australian Perspectives.

    Bad Boy Bubby is one of Australian cinema's most intriguing and original works, filled with pain, idiosyncratic humour and attitude; a comedy that plays like drama.” - Thomas Caldwell, Urban Cinefile