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A Family Affair Hero


A Family Affair


16 Jul - 28 Jul

The George Xylouris family is internationally renowned for their astounding musical abilities. Hailing from the village of Anogia in Crete, family patriarch Antonios Xylouris (nicknamed Psarantonis) is an internationally recognised master of the lyra and a singer whose fans include Nick Cave and Jim White. Angeliki Aristomenopoulou’s award-winning documentary is a joyous celebration of this family bound together by their shared love and talent for music and performance. 

  • A driving force behind the discovery of Cretan music for global audiences, Psarantonis’ musical lineage stretches back generations and into the future. His son George, a singer and lute player, joined his family band as a teen, travelling the world and keeping the tradition of Cretan music alive.

    While on tour in Australia, George met his wife, Shelagh, and over the years the couple has split their time between Crete and Melbourne. Their three children, Nikos, Adonis and Apollonia, all share their father’s musical talents and have embraced the riches that come from a cross-cultural upbringing.

    Angeliki first met the family while making a documentary about Greek rock legend Yiannis Angelakas. Observing the Xylouris’ immense talents and unique family bonds, she embarked on filming the family as they prepare for a series of concerts where three generations of the clan would come together and perform as one. 

    A Family Affair charts the musical precision, dedication and passion that each member shares. As the family’s first performance at Womadelaide approaches, Angeliki’s camera captures the exhilaration and pressure of performing when your band members are beloved family. The film culminates in an electrifying performance filmed at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre. 

    This is a big-hearted examination of what binds us, from familial bonds to cultural gatherings that help us celebrate our differences and shared experiences as global citizens.