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An animated boy standing on a globe in the Oscar nominated Boy and the World.


Boy and the World

Unclassified All Ages
Suitable for children 4+

5 Nov - 27 Nov

Nominated for Best Animated Film at this year’s Academy Awards, Boy and the World is a gorgeously inventive animation from Brazil, and unlike anything you have even seen. A riotous explosion of music and colour, a breathtakingly original and vibrant cinematic experience awaits, depicting the wonders and struggles of the modern world as seen through the eyes of a young boy, Cuca.


Tickets: Full $7. Member $5.
  • Cuca’s cosy rural life is shattered when his father leaves for the city, prompting him to embark on a quest to reunite his family. The young boy’s journey unfolds like a tapestry, the animation taking on greater complexity as his small world expands. Entering civilisation, industrial landscapes are inhabited by animal-machines, with barrios of decoupage streets and shop windows and flashing neon advertisements that illuminate the night. The story depicts a clash between village and city, hand crafted and mechanised, rich and poor – and throughout the tumult, the heart and soul of the people beats on as a song.

    Dialogue free, this endearing story is told through the power of scintillating Brazilian music and deceptively child-like animation. A delight for viewers of all ages. Winner of over 40 international prizes.

    “It’s both the best children’s animated film this year since Inside Out — you might call it Outside In — and, unexpectedly, a more stirring depiction of the deadening modern megalopolis than most heal-the-world documentaries.” Nicholas Rapold, The New York Times