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Beyond Beyond Melbourne Kids Movies Hero


Beyond Beyond

Mild Themes Suitable for kids 6+

8 Oct - 1 Nov

Little rabbit Johan lives on a ship with his dad. The mysterious Feather King has taken Johan’s mum, and while Johan’s dad doesn’t want to talk about it, Johan sends her secret bottle messages every day. One day, when Johan’s father is at shore, Johan receives an emergency call on the radio, and suddenly he is on his way to meet the Feather King and find his mother.

Tickets: Full $7. Member $5.
  • Gloriously animated, this Swedish production (the version we are screening is dubbed in English) captures the profoundness of love and loss in an underwater netherworld. Populated with colourful characters who share some DNA of A.A. Milne’s storybook characters, this touching film will reward the adventurous young film goer. Recommended for ages 7 and over.

    “Ambitious, cryptic, and often dark, this inventive animated tale tackles big themes with a multilayered story that is both puzzling and provocative.” Renee Schonfeld, Common Sense Media