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What is Melbourne Filmoteca?

Melbourne Filmoteca

Filmoteca Overview

Melbourne Filmoteca, established in 1999, is a volunteer run organisation dedicated to showcasing the best of Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese cinema.

Films screen at 7pm on the first Tuesday of every month, with some exceptions. View the exciting 2016 program for all dates.

  • Melbourne Filmoteca is run by a small group of cinephiles who have a strong affinity and appreciation for Iberoamerican cinema (curating films from Spain, Portugual and Latin America). Most of the volunteers are from this region of the world and therefore wish to share their culture and its unique perspectives with Melbournians.

    Independent and emerging cinema from the region relies on a solid media platform such as Melbourne Filmoteca to be exhibited to new audiences and potentially to local film festivals and distributors. Filmoteca provides this platform once a month.

    The program is specifically curated to represent the diversity of the multicultural experience that is the Spanish and Portuguese speaking world.

    Interview with Melbourne Filmoteca Director

    We caught up with Melbourne Filmoteca’s Director Eliana Jones to find out more.

    Filmoteca aptly translates to ‘Film Library’ and over the years the movies we have shown have formed quite the collection. Filmoteca aims to bring the beauty and creativity of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin-American cinema to Melbourne’s doorstep

    How would you describe the program and what sets you apart from other festivals and film programs?

    Filmotecas’s programs are unique because they are curated and run by volunteers who have either travelled extensively to Spain and Latin-American countries or are native to those countries including Spain, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Panama and Paraguay to name a few.

    We showcase the diversity of perspectives and voices across the region through powerful dramas, occasional short film and screen documentaries, narrative films, art-house cinema as well as box-office hits and offer an opportunity for our followers to engage with the characters in our films, to become enveloped in their stories and immersed in their culture.

    The growing interest in Australia for travelling to Latin America and Spain and for learning Spanish, allows Filmoteca to attract people to our screenings and connect them with native speakers and have the opportunity to stay post-screening to discuss the film (and region) in a friendly and lively atmosphere.

    Additionally, through our programs we aim to connect with local businesses and cultural partners to create a community of passionate and committed cinephiles that work together to celebrate Hispanic language and culture.

    At each screening, we have free raffles with various prizes donated by our sponsors and we host special events along the year.

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    What are some program highlights for 2017?

    Filmoteca’s 2017 Program will bring a variety of films that include award-winning and box-office hits in the form of comedies, dramas, thrillers, and bio-pics. In 2017 it will be virtually impossible to pick one favourite!