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Filmoteca February Herpo


Nise: The Heart of Madness

Unclassified 15+

7 Feb

Based on the true story of Nise da Silveira, a pioneering figure well-known in Brazil, who led a rebellious but full life. The film, set in the early '40s, follows Nise fresh out of prison for her Marxist beliefs, when she takes a job in a Rio de Janeiro psychiatric hospital. Here she fights against the prejudices of men and of science by daringly treating her patients as human beings and sparking a revolution in psychiatric care in Brazil. Her weapons: canvases, paint and brushes.

Tickets: Full $21 Concession $17 Member $16
  • "Elegantly combining a triumph-over-adversity yarn with a sensitive exploration of the redemptive power of artistic creation, the film’s nicely understated humanity … meant that Rio audiences voted Nise their favourite film this year." - The Hollywood Reporter