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Russian Film Festival 2016 No Borders Hero


No Borders

MA 15+

13 Nov

A number of stories intertwined into one, this tale revolves around love, which can be striking and passionate, happy yet sad, and reckless. Sometimes, all at the same time.

Tickets: Full $19. Concession $16. Member $15.
  • Love knows no bounds, no conventions, no age, nor nationality. Prominent directors Rezo Gigineishvili (Heat, Love with an Accent), Roman Prygunov (Soulless) and Karen Oganesyan (Five Brides) speak about love in all its incarnations.

    The story begins in a Moscow airport, where the protagonists set out on a thrilling trip to the picturesque mountains of Armenia. They then trek through the streets of Georgia, before detouring to Moscow - their holiday destination for New Year’s Eve.