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Russian Film Festival 2016 Lover In The Ussr Hero


Love in the USSR

MA 15+

14 Nov

A student love triangle teeters between two guys and a girl. The trio fight, share moments of joy, argue, and make up. As the three lovers come of age, they overcome life's disappointments together.

Tickets: Full $19. Concession $16. Member $15.
  • Love in the USSR depicts the heyday of the Soviet State at the peak of its power, which also marks the starting point of its collapse. A redacted and re-titled version of Shakhnazarov’s own production Vanished Empire (2008), the film has had several scenes deleted, remaining ones rearranged, and a totally new music score added.

    Set in 1970s Moscow, Karen Shakhnazarov's personal film is a delicate study of this imminent and irrevocably passing era.