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Russian Film Festival 2016 Flight Crew Hero


Flight Crew

MA 15+

12 Nov - 19 Nov

During a flight to Asia the crew on board a passenger jet receives a message about an earthquake and makes the brave call to go to the epicenter of the disaster. Together, they embark on a mission to evacuate as many stranded people as they can before a volcano erupts.

Tickets: Full $19. Concession $16. Member $15.
  • A dangerous rescue mission ensues where working together is the crew's only chance for survival. Flight Crew stars Russia's Danila Kozlovsky (Legend No. 17, Soulless 1 and 2) and Vladimir Mashkov (Kandahar, The Edge, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol).

    A remake of the 1979 Russian blockbuster disaster movie, Flight Crew was the number one 2016 Russian Box Office film.