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A man waving a wand in front of a fire in a village square.


Korean Cultural Centre Australia and Samsung presents

The Wailing

Unclassified 18+

2 Sep

Within a seemingly peaceful village, a plague of mysterious & violent deaths suddenly take place. The police conclude poisonous wild mushrooms are the cause of the deaths. However, police officer Jong-Goo hears a rumour that these incidents only began when a mysterious man moved into the neighbourhood.

Tickets: Full $16. Concession $12.50. Member $11
  • With the deaths continuing to rise and evidence mounting against the mysterious man, Jong-Goo cannot help deny that supernatural forces are at work.

    When Jong-Goo’s daughter Hyo-Jin contracts the crazed symptoms, Jong-Goo becomes desperate. With seemingly no other alternative, he treks to the mountains in search of the old man's home.