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A man writing a poem with another man sleeping on his shoulder.


Korean Cultural Centre Australia and Samsung presents

Dongju: The portrait of a poet

Unclassified 15+

8 Sep

Though his life was short, his poetry will remain eternal. Dongju, paints a pure portrait of a poet who touched the lives of all that read his words. The biopic is an insightful and emotional recount of an artist struggling within tumultuous times.

Tickets: Full $16. Concession $12.50. Member $11
  • In the Japanese colonial era, young Dong-ju writes poems about the harsh reality of his life. As Japan’s policies become more strenuous, writing anything in Korean becomes prohibited. Just when the slight possibility of publishing his poems seems to have evaporated, a Japanese professor sees Dong-ju’s talent and suggests that he publish his poems in English.

    Before his work is published, Dong-ju is suspected of anti-Japanese activities. With Dong-ju’s dreams on the verge of never being realised, the chances that his poems may vanish from the world forever are high.