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A man whose upper body and head is a fish sitting with a girl.


Korean Cultural Centre Australia and Samsung presents

Collective Invention

Unclassified All Ages

2 Sep

Forget your normal fairytale about mermaids, this modern day story of a merman living in seoul is a hilarious social satire not to be missed.

Tickets: Full $16. Concession $12.50. Member $11
  • Park Gu participates in a medical experiment as a means to get by while preparing for his career as a civil worker. When an unexpected side-effect turns him into a half-fish half-man mutant, he receives heavy publicity and becomes a star rising to meteoric fame. With this new found attention comes the burdens of being in the spotlight.

    A hero and victim to some and a conman and poser to others, the greater his renown, the more Gu's identity and world alters. Will he be able to return his life to what it was before, or will this new existence consume him?