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A woman looking into a glass apathetically.


Korean Cultural Centre Australia and Samsung presents

Alice in Earnestland

Unclassified 18+

7 Sep

A woman’s descent into extreme behavior as she is grinded down to her bare sanity. Korea’s ‘earnestland’ is a bone-shaking film that will have you cheering at the end.

Tickets: Full $16. Concession $12.50. Member $11
  • After tying up a therapist, Soonam tells her that she's always tried to do the right thing but has always ended up a victim. A poor woman struggling to pay the hospital bills for her vegetative husband's care, her hard work seems to be hopeless. In a moment's good luck she is granted the chance for a turnabout when a redevelopment project takes place, but unfortunately that falls through.

    Facing constant failure and stress, Soo-nam discards her honesty and adapts a cold-blooded approach to take revenge on whoever is responsible for her debt-ridden life.