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Two young men boxing together in a gym.


Korean Cultural Centre Australia and Samsung presents

A Crybaby Boxing Club

Unclassified All Ages

8 Sep

A Crybaby Boxing Club is a documentary following the struggles and routines of a Korean boxing club in Japan. They cry not because they are weak but because they have pride in their hearts as Koreans living amid discrimination. Each punch is aimed at a better life and a brighter future.

Tickets: Full $16. Concession $12.50. Member $11
  • With right-wing extremist groups demonstrating in front of a Korean school in Tokyo, ‘Leave Japan. There’s no place here for you', the documentary ventures inside the school to tell the story of the students.

    Focusing on the usual high school hijinx and the energy of the 16 and 17 year old boys, we a treated to an intimate portrait of the school boxing team club who spend every day diligently working toward their respective dreams.

    The coach Kim Sang-su and the members of the club train day and night for the central competition to be attended by all Korean schools in Japan. As each member prepares to enter society with their dreams - the culmination of three years of youthful devotion - they also are conscious of the harsh cruelty and discrimination that wait beyond the fence of the school.