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Jff Seto Utsumi 01 Hero


Seto & Utsumi

Unclassified All Ages

3 Dec

Seto and Utsumi seem like unlikely friends at first glance: Seto is a simple-minded teen who’s only good at soccer, while Utsumi is a brainy, anti-social loner. Seto ditches soccer in order to hang out with Utsumi and, in the end, that’s all they do: hang out by the river and talk about nothing in particular.

Tickets: Full $18.50. Concession $15.50. Member $14.50. Japan Foundation Member 13.
  • The main characters’ meandering conversations are surprisingly poignant and might make Seto & Utsumi one of Japan’s first entries in the American Mumblecore film movement.

    Sosuke Ikematsu and Suda Masaki give charismatic and realistic performances as the high-school teenage pair.