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Jff Onibaba 01 Hero


Presented by The Japan Foundation, Sydney


Unclassified 15+
This film contains moderate violence, mild sexual content and mild nudity

29 Nov

In this visceral supernatural thriller, an impoverished mother and her daughter-in-law subsist in a medieval Japan ravaged by ceaseless war. They prey on wandering samurai, murdering them for their spoils to barter for meagre meals. When a deserter joins their gruesome trade, he threatens their tenuous alliance by seducing the younger woman.

  • Based on Japanese folklore, Onibaba is Shindô ‘sgreatest international success which features a frenetic drumming score by Hikaru Hayashi.

    Onibaba is screened as part of a free program of classic Japanese films from the Japan Foundation’s collection, this year focusing on the cinema of Kaneto Shindô and Tadashi Imai.