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Jff Hime Anole 01 Hero


Presented by The Japan Foundation, Sydney


Unclassified 18+
This film contains high level violence and moderate to high level sexual content.

4 Dec

Hapless Susumu Okada (Gaku Hamada) works as a cleaning employee and is frustrated at his seemingly aimless life. When his colleague, Mr. Ando (Muro Tsuyoshi), enlists his help to play Cupid to him and attractive café waitress Yuka (Aimi Satsukawa), he unexpectedly encounters his former high school friend, Shoichi Morita (Go Morita). Yuka, however, suspects that Shoichi may be stalking her.

Tickets: Full $18.50. Concession $15.50. Member $14.50. Japan Foundation Member 13.
  • Starring V6 member Go Morita as the chillingly cold-hearted Shoichi, this adaptation of Minoru Furuyu’s original manga explores the tension between the strong and the weak, and the very thin line between good and evil.

    Indie director Keisuke Yoshida eclipses boundaries of Japanese cinema with twisted violence and deprivation, and offers a uniquely insidious thriller. Hime-Anole exposes the darkest undercurrent of humanity in all its insidiousness.