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Presented by The Japan Foundation, Sydney

Bushido: Samurai Saga

Unclassified 15+
This film contains mild sexual violence which may disturb some viewers.

27 Nov

The Iikura family has a long history of misfortune. Having the strict code of bushido (the way of the warrior), salaryman Susumu Iikura reflects on the appalling treatment of his lineage and the struggles of honour and identity.

  • From the Tokugawa shogunate to 1960s Japan, this film shows the power of old values and social conventions can deprive individuals of joy and freedom. Imai does not compromise and orchestrates a relentless and grim tale of corruption and cruelty.

    Bushido: Samurai Saga won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival in 1963 together with Italian entry, Il Diavolo.

    Bushido: Samurai Saga is screened as part of a free program of classic Japanese films from the Japan Foundation’s collection, this year focusing on the cinema of Tadashi Imai and Kaneto Shindô.