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Presented by The Japan Foundation, Sydney

A Story from Echigo

Unclassified 15+
This film contains moderate sexual violence

26 Nov

Farmers Gonsuke and Tomekichi are friends hailing from the poverty stricken village of Echigo. Every winter they travel to Kyoto to work as sake brewers. With a beautiful wife back home, Tomekichi is the source of envy amongst his colleagues, including his friend. Returning home to care for his sick mother, Gonsuke’s envy turns into a fit of uncontrollable jealousy and culminates in his rape of Tomekichi’s wife.

  • Based on an award-winning novel, Imai presents a bleak and violent portrait of the poverty underlying all the tragedy.

    A Story from Echigo is screened as part of a free program of classic Japanese films from the Japan Foundation’s collection, this year focusing on the cinema of Tadashi Imai and Kaneto Shindô.