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A group of people from a village protesting.


When Two Worlds Collide

Unclassified All Ages

29 Sep

Join us on Opening Night as EFFA travels to Peru, a country ideologically wedged between prudent modern ambition and the preservation of ancient cultural practice, with a fierce and gripping documentary that pulls no punches.

What happens when the thirst for power and riches takes priority over human life? The Amazon Rainforest, one of the planet’s most valuable natural resources, is being auctioned off, and its people condemned. Set against the backdrop of a global recession and climate crisis, When Two Worlds Collide, reveals the human side to the battle of conflicting visions and political wills working to shape the future of the Amazon, and of an already debilitated global ecosystem.

Tickets: Full $45. Concession $38. Member $37.
  • In 2007 Peruvian President Alan Garcia invited foreign companies to do business with the country by partnering on the extraction of oil, minerals and gases from the Amazon Rainforest. When Two Worlds Collide follows community leader Alberto Pizango whose impassioned plea to desist was met with brutality from the national police force - igniting one of the largest and most violent protests in the country’s history.

    Directors Brandenburg and Orzel splice together and audaciously interview key figures from both sides, news reports and visceral third-party footage of the violent clashes, taking us directly into the line of fire of this deeply environmental, political conflict.

    Breathtakingly powerful, the film highlights the overwhelming imbalance in power between those acting to conserve their natural environment and those determined to monetise it.

    After the film, help us kick off EFFA 2016 with an evening of drinks, food and entertainment at ACMI.

    “At the end of a deftly-edited, heart-on-sleeve social documentary that toys with Fog of War moral ambiguities…viewers will be left stirred and indignant…” - Lee Marshall, Screen Daily