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A man walking through a suburban neighbourhood with purpose.


Company Town

Unclassified All Ages

1 Oct

Company town: Definition: 1. A town whose inhabitants are mainly dependent on a single company for employment, housing, supplies, etc.

Filmed over the course of four years, Company Town follows Pastor, Deputy Sheriff and community leader David Bouie - a resident of Crossett, Arkansas USA for over thirty years - in his attempts to fight back against a company that has caused extreme and undisputed damage to a small town’s environment, and the health of its population.

Told in an engrossing investigative style, Company Town shines light on the real-life horrors perpetrated by Georgia-Pacific, just one of the many companies inflicting heinous crimes upon small towns like Crosset all across the US.

Tickets: Full $19.50. Concession $16. Member $15.
  • In 1962 Georgia-Pacific, an up-and-coming lumber and paper products company, bought a mill in Crossett, Arkansas and turned it into a paper, chemical and plywood plant. Over time, the mill brought prosperity to this small Southern town creating over 1,200 jobs and raising $6.7 million in annual tax revenue. Now privately owned by billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, Georgia-Pacific is also one of the worst polluters on the planet. According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) toxic report inventory, this single plant pumps in excess of 1.5 million pounds of deleterious carcinogens into the environment every year, poisoning the air, land and water.

    Many of the town’s residents who worked directly with or were connected to someone working at the plant have been diagnosed with cancer; their right to good health jeopardised by their need to survive. Fed up with watching his community suffer, Bouie rallies to unite the town around this vital issue.

    Providing heart-rending insight into the struggles of the community’s most disenfranchised members, this is a rousing David and Goliath story about community resilience that is brimming with spirit and compassion.

    “[Company Town] touched something in me, something about navigating a life of injustice with determination, and, against all odds, without assumed privilege.” – Lisa Adams, The Huffington Post