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Pawno Movie Australia Hero


ACMI presents


Strong coarse language and violence

23 Jul - 17 Dec

Director Paul Ireland’s audacious debut celebrates the microcosm of suburban life in this disarmingly charming film starring an impressive cast of new and veteran Australian actors. Though filmed in the heart of Footscray, this could be almost any city or town in Australia, filled with the minutiae of daily life – from a mother in search of her son to a budding romance.

The sweet, multi-award winning short film Olympic Nick: A Donutumentary will screen ahead of Pawno on Sun 11 Dec and introduced by one of the directors, Ian Tran.

Tickets: FULL: $7 MEMBER: $5
  • Much of the drama is contained within the four walls of the local pawnbrokers, managed by curmudgeon Les (John Brumpton, Romper Stomper) and lovesick Danny (Damian Hill, who also co-produced and penned the impressive script), who has eyes for bookshop worker Kate (Maeve Dermody, Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None). All walks of life pay a visit, some to buy, some to sell, and some just to chat.

    Beyond the store, a colourful bunch of locals add life to the surrounding streets – including lovable larrikins Pauly (Mark Coles Smith who demanded everyone’s attention in Last Cab to Darwin) and Carlo (Catching Milat’s Malcolm Kennard). Other equally brilliant cast include Daniel Frederiksen, John Orcsik, Tony Rickards and Kerry Armstrong.

    To be introduced by director Paul Ireland and writer/star Damian Hill.

    “The observation, in Hill’s screenplay and Ireland’s direction, is acute, and the actors are first-class. Add to the mix fine location photography by Shelley Farthing-Dawe and you have a film that’s not only very Australian (some may say very Melbourne) in its ethos but also extremely enjoyable.” David Stratton, The Australian