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A picture of a man firing a rifle while a woman looks on.
Alfred Rolfe’s 'The Hero of the Dardanelles'


A collaboration between ACMI and the National Film & Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA)

War Pictures: Australians at the Cinema 1914-1918

Touring 2016 - 2018

See how the War was presented on the big screen, and explore the melodramas and comedies that offered entertainment and escapism to those on the home front.

War Pictures features a fascinating selection of over 30 silent films, shorts, newsreels, propaganda and advertisements produced by the developing local and international film industries between 1914 and 1918.

Supported by the Victorian Anzac Centenary Committee

Exhibition tour fully booked.

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  • Between 1914 and 1918, cinema attendance was on the rise and the local film industry was expanding with over 50 Australian feature films produced during the period. While many of these films have been tragically lost, those that remain offer a rare glimpse into Australian life during this turbulent time.

    War Pictures offers a wide-ranging selection of local and international material, including a focus on Australia’s ‘lost films’. A specially commissioned musical accompaniment offers contemporary audiences a chance to step back in time and experience cinema as it was enjoyed during the First World War.

    • Created and produced by ACMI
    • Designed for 150sqm, 30-40 running metres
    • Film is a single channel projection, recreating the feeling of a cinema of old with a running time is 63 minutes
    • Material touring includes props and exhibition dressing as well as all AV equipment

    Supported by a marketing campaign and exhibition style guide.