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A production still from Clare Rae's "The Chase". Features Clare Rae chasing after another instance of Clare Rae in an open, rural landscape.
Clare Rae, The Chase (2009)


Clare Rae: Selected Videos

6 Dec - 11 March 2013

Experience a selection of Melbourne-based artist Clare Rae's playful stop-motion animations, which use her own body as her subject.

No Longer Available
  • Melbourne-based artist Clare Rae makes playful stop-motion animations from photographic stills, using her own body as her subject. In each work she documents a series of exhaustive, repetitive actions that emphasise her body's occupation of space - its physicality, levity, gravity and motion.

    Pursuing herself in infinite circles around a pole, across a couch and over and under a table, Rae explores the challenge of female self-representation, as well as the possibilities and limitations of video to articulate her individual perspective.