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Visitors play games inside the exhibition space, the outlines of illuminated clouds float overhead.
Game Masters: The Exhibition


Game Masters: The Exhibition

28 Jun - 28 Oct 2012

Across arcades, consoles, PC and mobile platforms, Game Masters: The Exhibition  showcases the work of over 30 game designers, from Nintendo's iconic character-led worlds featuring Mario and Link, to the immersive stealth combat of Hideo Kojima's METAL GEAR SOLID  and the atmospheric narratives of Flower  and Journey  by thatgamecompany.

Now touring internationally and available for hire.

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  • Game Masters  showcases the work of leading videogame designers and their creative processes. Featuring over 125 playable games, rare concept art and newly commissioned interviews, the exhibition focuses on the development of videogame culture.

    While the games have achieved worldwide acclaim, their makers have yet to become household names. With sections dedicated to designers of arcade, handheld and mobile games, as well as independent games, this exhibition is a landmark survey of the art of videogames

    Game Masters  offers the rare opportunity to play Yu Suzuki's arcade games from the 1980s, Hang-On and Out Run ;  take the physical challenge of a dance battle in Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy's Dance Central 2 ;  test yourself in a four-player version of Firemint's Real Racing 2 ;  and be immersed in a special 3D display of Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Child of Eden.

    Featuring rare concept artwork, revealing interviews and large-scale interactive displays, Game Masters  showcases the radically varied approach each of these designers brings to the creation of videogames.

    Education Resources
    These education resources (aimed at primary, secondary and tertiary students) focus on a number of exhibition highlights and provide a range of stimulating ideas and questions for a deeper engagement with the themes and content of the Game Masters  exhibition. 

    This resource kit explains the various levels of Game Masters: The Game and includes discussion questions for the classroom. 

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