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The character Max, from Mary and Max sits at a typewriter. His apartment is in the background.
Mary and Max, courtesy of Melodrama Pictures


Mary and Max: The Exhibition is co-curated by Adam Elliot and Fiona Trigg Images courtesy of Melodrama Pictures

Mary and Max: The Exhibition

2 March - 6 June 2010

Go behind-the-scenes of the marvellous miniature world of Adam Elliot's Mary and Max. The exhibition explores the creative and technical processes behind the acclaimed Australian animation by showing a selection from the thousands of items created for the film alongside imagery from the finished product.

No Longer Available
  • Go behind-the-scenes of the marvellous miniature world of Adam Elliot's Mary and Max.

    Oscar®-winnning director and writer Adam Elliot in collaboration with ACMI, has developed a unique exhibition from the plasticine world of Mary and Max (2009), the chronicle of an unlikely pen-pal friendship between lonely eight-year-old Mary Daisy Dinkle and Max Jerry Horowitz, who has Asperger Syndrome and loves chocolate hot dogs.   

    From the manicured lawns of Mount Waverley to the New York city skyline, Mary and Max: The Exhibition is an exclusive behind-the-scenes opportunity to see these wonderful creations up close.   

    Discover Adam's ingenious artistry of stop-motion animation. Items on display include character models, costumes, sketches, sets, storyboards, props (meticulously crafted miniature hand-blown wine glasses, a working typewriter, light bulbs) and footage of the animators at work.

    A labour of love by Adam Elliot and long-time collaborator Melanie Coombs, Mary and Max premiered as the opening night film of the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and has since won several Australian and international awards.