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Two exhibition visitors view the Indigenous art inside the Ngarinyin Pathways Dulwan exhibition.
Ngarinyin Pathways Dulwan, ACMI


Ngarinyin Pathways Dulwan

27 Jun - 31 Aug 2003

Ngarinyin Pathways Dulwan is a major multi-screen audiovisual installation that offers unprecedented insight into the art and culture of the Ngarinyin Aboriginal people of the Kimberley plateau in Australia's north-west.

  • Ngarinyin Pathways Dulwan is an ambitious, long term-project to record and communicate the traditions, laws and knowledge of the Ngarinyin, Ngarinyin Pathways Dulwan reflects the Ngarinyin elders' decision to employ screen-based media and information technologies as potent tools for the transmission and continuity of cultural identity.

    Ngarinyin Pathways Dulwan was produced with the assistance of the Australian Film Commission and is part of the Australian Centre for the Moving Image's Collection.

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