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A single frame from Guan Wei's, Paper War
Guan Wei's Paper War


Images of China

Australian Mediatheque

1 Dec - 29 Mar

A range of short animation, documentaries and video art that evoke thoughts of China - the history, the modern metropolis, Australian-Chinese heritage and art.

  • Seeing Quote Out of Context
    Zhang Jinghua, 19 mins, China, 2014, Unclassified 15+

    Zhang Jinghua's film Seeing Quote Out of Context is a behind the scenes documentary that provides an insight into Yang Fudong's working processes. Shot in a Shanghai film studio during the production of The Coloured Sky: New Women II, Yang Fudong's most recent work, commissioned by ACMI in partnership with Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, marks a sharp departure from Yang's signature black-and-white 35mm film installations.  Featuring a vivid, Technicolour palette and a crisp digital finish, the work continues Yang's ongoing investigation into collective ideas about women, female beauty and nationhood.

    The Cars That Ate China
    Stefan Moore, 53 mins, Australia, 2008, Unclassified 15+

    Not since the halcyon days of Henry Ford has there be an automotive revolution that’s being seen in China today.

    While the dream of owning a car may seem innocent, in China car culture is deepening class divions, contributing to pollution and creating global competition for limited resources. For China's rising middle class, the car symbolises a new prosperity, but for the future of Chinese society, the environment and the world, China’s infatuation with the automobile has chilling repercussions.

    The Day Before I Went Away
    Guo Jian, 30 secs, Australia, 2004, Chinese, Unclassified 15+

    Guo Jian's saucy and sinister reappropriation of Chinese propaganda painting techniques is heightened by this animation of his allegorical work 'The Day Before I Went Away'.

    Dennis O’Hoy: Bendigo Born and Bred
    ACMI, 4 mins, Australia, 2003, Unclassified All Ages

    Since the gold-rush era, the Australian-Chinese O’Hoy family has made a great contribution to Bendigo. In this interview for the Memory and Place (MAP) project, we spoke to the lifelong Bendigo resident, Dennis O'Hoy about his family history in the area and his great love of, and identification with, the place where he lives.

    Paper War
    Guan Wei, 30 secs, Australia, 2004, Unclassified All Ages

    In this short animation about war and beauty, a simple tracking shot along Guan Wei's exquisitely drawn battle scenes, silhouetted against a traditional landscape scroll, suggests the right-to-left movement of Chinese reading.

    Sept Visions Fugitives
    Robert Cahen, 23 mins, China, 1995, Chinese, Courtesy: Robert Cahen and EAI, Unclassified 15+

    Robert Cahen's impressionistic transformations of landscape and people raise questions about work, freedom, death and life in China.

    From Jean-Paul Satre to Teresa Teng: Contemporary Cantonese art in the 1980s
    Art Asia Archive, 48 mins, China, 2010, Chinese with English Subtitles, Unclassified 15+

    Written, directed and produced by Asia Art Archive, this documentary explores the impact of books, magazines and popular culture on the development of experimental art in Southern China in the 1980s.

    Based on primary research, rare film footage and personal interviews with key artists, this documentary bears witness not only to the reading fever that gripped the Chinese art world in the 1980s, but also highlights the experimentalism and verve of artists and critics in South China whose contributions to the development of contemporary art have been long lasting and fundamental.