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Actf 1200X520 You’re Skitting Me, ABC3, 2012
  • Comedy Script Writing Videoconference

    This three part virtual workshop provides students with the opportunity to connect with the experts to develop the skills required to write their very own, and very funny, sketch comedy script.

    Participating classrooms will be provided with subscription access to the online digital sketch comedy writing tool, the Sketch-O-Matic, to develop and record their ideas.

    Workshops are open to class groups aged 11-13  (Years 5 and 6) and will provide students with opportunities to connect with other students from around Australia, while honing their skills as the entertainment writers of the future.

    Participants are required to attend all three series' workshops:

    Workshop 1
    This introductory session encourages students to deconstruct their own knowledge of sketch comedy and build an understanding of its purpose. Students will engage with You’re Skitting Me as a multimodal text for enjoyment and analysis.

    Workshop 2
    A special guest presenter will join the panel to talk through their experience of being a writer for Australian television.

    From this presentation, students will develop an understanding of how events, situations and people can be represented from different viewpoints to persuade the viewer to think and feel a certain way. Students will also begin to understand the way TV and comedy can introduce and reinforce awareness in the viewer of certain issues, popular culture, and current affairs.

    Workshop 3
    Students use the Sketch-O-Matic to start developing their sketch, expressing their ideas, experiences and observations. Students then have an opportunity to share their sketch comedy script with kids from all over Australia!

    Each workshop has been aligned with the Australian Curriculum, so educators can be assured that content of the workshops is relevant while being authentic to students with the use of current media that kids are familiar with and that they find entertaining and engaging.

    Upcoming Dates

    Workshop 1 - 4 August 2016

    Workshop 2 - 11 August 2016

    Workshop 3 - 18 August 2016

    How to Register

    To book your class group into this workshop series, email Sarah Jones at or phone 03 9200 5522.

    These workshops are delivered in partnership with the Australian Children’s Television Foundation and supported by the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

       Australian Children's Television Foundation