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Actor, Marlon Brando, in conversation
  • On the Waterfront

    Film Program, Year 11, VCE English

    Elia Kazan, 108 mins, USA, 1954

    This film highlights the difficult choices in an uncertain world, this lecture highlights the contradiction between Terry Malloy's heroic struggle against mob violence and corruption, and Father Barry's faith in collective action.

    As well as looking at the innovative use of black and white cinematography, sound, characterisation and location, the lecture explores the film's controversial ending.

    On the Waterfront is a film that is as problematic as it is extraordinary. It carries with it an interesting history which has, over the years, affected the way people have responded to the film. On the Waterfront encourages different and conflicting interpretations, with its controversial ending being a particular source of debate.

    Admission: $15 per student (min 30 students, max 160 students)

    Program Duration: This program runs for approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes. This includes a screening of the film, a short interval and a 60 minute lecture.