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Actor, Bud Tingwell, about to connect two electrical wires
  • Melbourne: Back to the Past

    Workshop, Years 3 and 4

    Professor Oldendays has discovered a way to go back in time and needs intrepid reporters to travel back to Old Melbourne to record segments for his television show.

    Students interact with historical footage to gain insight into the history of Melbourne and the moving image, develop knowledge about how filmmakers create screen texts and explore the documentary genre.

    Cost: $900 per workshop (max 60 students)

    Outline of studio 1 workshop at ACMI: 
    9.45am: Arrival at ACMI School Entrance
    10.00am: Introduction to ACMI and program
    10.30am: Morning tea break
    11.00am: Group 1 - production (Studio 1), Group 2 - visit ACMI Screen Worlds
    12.00am: Group 2 - production (Studio 1), Group 1 - visit ACMI Screen Worlds
    1.00pm: Lunch break (Editing by ACMI)
    2.00pm: Premiere screening and reflection
    2.30pm: Conclusion of program